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The politicians and political parties in Orihuela don't get it. They cannot appreciate what is important for Orihuela Costa and what is not. Two examples illustrate this regrettable fact.
On Sunday, 21 February neighbours called the fire brigade to extinguish a burning rubbish container in Calle Salzillo, not far from the La Zenia roundabout. They were concerned that the flames could spread to nearby houses. 40 minutes later a fire engine appeared. In the meantime, the fire was extinguished, not by the local police who arrived with an empty fire extinguisher.


This is a perfect example of the need for Orihuela Costa to have a proper Emergency Services Centre with ambulances, fire engines and local and national police.   In December last year,  C.L.A.R.O. organised a demonstration in front of the skeleton of the Emergency Services Centre whose foundation stone was laid 10 years ago demanding that the Centre should be completed.   This demonstration was called after several recent cases of ambulances arriving late, sometimes also after 40 minutes.   On occasions, those for whom they had been called subsequently died.    If flames from the burning container had spread to nearby houses what good would it have been for the fire engine to arrive 40 minutes later?  

People living in Orihuela Costa need the security of efficient emergency services located locally and not depending on Orihuela or Torrevieja.   Life and property are at stake.

Yet, in this week’s monthly plenary meeting of the Orihuela Town Council the Citizens Party (ex CLR) will present a motion on behalf of Orihuela Costa,  proposing a beach for dogs!

What kind of priority is this when Orihuela Costa lacks, not only emergency services but social services, clean streets, a cultural centre and proper parks and gardens?    Orihuela politicians and political parties will be insulting the intelligence of those living in Orihuela Costa, some 50,000 tax and rate paying citizens, if they think a beach for dogs is a priority deserving the attention of a full Council meeting . 

Apart from not being relevant in regard to Orihuela Costa’s real priorities, the proposal of a beach for dogs is not even serious in itself.     There are beaches in Spain and other countries where dogs are allowed but they are carefully selected beaches separate from those enjoying the sea, sand and sun.    Orihuela Costa’s beaches are in the main large, open beaches where pets cannot be isolated.   Most enjoy blue flag or other special status which specifically exclude, for reasons of hygiene, access for dogs and pets.   These awards are of importance in attracting tourists and maintaining the quality reputation of Orihuela Costa.   

There are smaller beaches and coves as in Cala Mosca but the priority for C.L.AR.O.,  in relation to  Cala Mosca, is to stop the building of 1,500 new houses on this last green area on Orihuela Costa with sea views.   Cala Mosca, should be saved from development and become a natural park for the enjoyment of residents and tourists.   The political parties in Orihuela should be supporting this cause and not dreaming of beaches for dogs.    Finally, how could we entrust the Town Council with the cleanliness of a beach for dogs when they cannot ensure the cleanliness of the streets of Orihuela Costa or Cala Mosca itself?

To draw attention to the lack of attention by the Town Council to the cleanliness of Cala Mosca, which is a popular area for walkers and joggers and the home of a protected species of plant, a number of C.L.A.R.O. volunteers recently spent several hours collecting litter and rubbish from the area.   Several days later, the neatly arranged piles of rubbish had still not been removed by the Orihuela Costa rubbish collection service.    Surprise?!




The politicians and political parties in Orihuela should devote their energies to resolving some of the real problems of Orihuela Costa and not pretending to be concerned by presenting irrelevant and inappropriate proposals.    In the meantime, residents can continue to exercise their pets on the extensive range of wastelands in Orihuela Costa, the so-called green areas which do not have the status of parks or gardens because they are abandoned and not maintained as they ought to be by the Town Council. 


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