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20 December 2013


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Court decisions on the final amounts which Orihuela Town Hall owes to individuals and companies whose land was expropriated years ago for the widening of the N332 on Orihuela Costa have been arriving steadily through 2011-2013. The total amount is over €1.3 million and nearly €500,000 is urgently due for payment. However, the government has not paid any of the bills. It did not make provision to do so in its budget, approved late in October, 2012. It has not proposed a budget for 2013 and so far neither for 2014 – the reason being that it is in a minority and fears that the majority would amend it to their dislike or could even bring about the downfall of the government in the process. However, the courts have decided to put a stop to this excessive delay and have told the Mayor that he will have to pay €400 per month out of his salary from now until the bills have been paid.

This shameful situation finally spurred the government to act. They proposed to make the funds available by taking money from reserves in the bank to pay those whose land is going to be expropriated to finish the attractive coastal walkway (Paseo Maritimo) between Playa Flamenca and Cala Capitan in Cabo Roig - when the central government provides the funds for the work. C.L.A.R.O. and the Popular Party agreed that this was the wrong place to seek money which once withdrawn from the bank would be difficult to replace - and the Paseo Maritimo project is an extremely attractive and important project for Orihuela Costa. A counter-proposal from PP-CLARO would have allowed the Mayor to pay the most urgent amounts from the money from sale of land in Orihuela Costa. But the government did not even allow this proposal to be discussed in the November plenary – presumably they have other plans – see below. Another suggestion was approved but the government voted against. It was to take the money from the budget for paid political assistants and consultants employed by the government to enable them to do the job of government which they can hardly do themselves with only 9 councillors, not all even working full-time. But it is inconceivable that the government will reduce the money paid to their political sidekicks, so the Mayor will be €400 per month less well off for probably some considerable time.

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