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C.L.A.R.O. held its 11th Annual General Meeting in the Asturias Restaurant on 18 November against the background of uncertainties resulting from the Brexit referendum. A hard Brexit which endangered access to free public health care and pension levels would have severe consequences for British citizens individually and since British residents in Orihuela Costa account for nearly 50% of the resident population, if large numbers were to leave Spain and return to the UK, the consequences for the local economy would be very serious. Although, according to the government's declared timetable, British withdrawal from the European Union would not take place before the summer of 2017, and existing rights would not be affected until then, the Annual General Meeting, in the interests of preserving these rights, urged all British citizens living in Orihuela Costa to make sure they have "residencia" status and are registered on the local municipal register (padron), as advised by the British Consulate. Registering to vote and voting in the next municipal election in 2019 would be another way of safeguarding rights.



Members of the newly elected Executive Committee with new President Karl Rainer Failoni in centre, left


The Annual General Meeting considered a Report on the activities of the past year with notable successes including the firm commitment to complete construction within the next 2 years of the long delayed Orihuela Costa Emergency Services Centre with a 24/7 local police station, the sealing of the burning waste tip in Campoamor which no longer emits toxic fumes and the increase in the number of polling stations from 3 to 7 which will greatly facilitate the exercise of the right to vote at the next municipal elections in May, 2019, at which time British residents will still have the right to vote.


The Annual General Meeting adopted unanimously a motion on political strategy for the forthcoming year. It will be C.L.A.R.O.'s aim to continue to fulfil its role as the only political party dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of residents of Orihuela Costa. The minority Popular Party government continues to deny Orihuela Costa adequate services and investments despite receiving some 60% of its revenue from the coast and the minority government, with the support of the Citizens Party, continues to discriminate financially in favour of Orihuela city, their political stronghold. It is vital for C.L.A.R.O to continue to campaign in favour of obtaining a fair and proportionate share in the municipal budget for Orihuela Costa, indispensable for assuring clean streets and maintenance of all our so-called parks and gardens.

Two specific priorities will mark C.L.A.R.O. action in the coming year. Orihuela Costa should have a purpose built Cultural Centre including an auditorium for at least 500 people and rooms for the many groups which organise cultural activities such as choirs, theatre groups and a variety of activities which currently take place in bars and restaurants often at considerable cost. The Cultural Centre should include a professionally run Library to cater for leisure reading ad study facilities for the growing population of young students. Orihuela city has three such Libraries. The Cultural Centre should be located on municipally owned land in the centrally placed parking area of La Zenia Boulevard Commercial Centre.
The second priority will be to campaign for the scandalously delayed pedestrian footbridge over the AP-7 motorway between Lomas de Cabo Roig and Cabo Roig. Despite wide support for residents who risk their lives dodging traffic crossing the road bridge, and despite the fact that funds for the construction of a footbridge exist and were identified by the then C.L.A.R.O. councillor as a bank deposit by a Lomas de Cabo Roig developer, the government continues to delay realisation of this vital infrastructure investment. Extensive new house building in Lomas de Cabo Roig make this an even more urgent priority.

Other priorities will not be ignored by C.L.A.R.O. including its campaign to Save Cala Mosca, the last green area on the Orihuela Costa sea front, from the construction of over 1,500 new houses. As in the past year, C.L.A.R.O. will continue its social activities in the form of Tapas and Chats events in local restaurants and Forums of special interest to coastal residents. All these activities will be accompanied by media action in the press and social networks to promote knowledge of what role C.L.A.R.O. plays in the local community.

Finally, the Annual General Meeting decided unanimously to renew the present members of the Executive Committee for a further year, the only change being that Paul Piccio stands down after a successful year as President and will be succeeded by Karl Rainer Failoni, a long standing member of the Executive Committee, of Austrian nationality with fluent English as well as his native German and knowledge of Spanish.

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A public hearing took place in the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall on 2 September. It was attended by the Mayor of Orihuela, the Budget Councillor and several other councillors including the Councillor for the Coordination of the Coast. The hearing offered the opportunity for coastal residents to make proposals for next year's municipal budget. There was a good attendance and participation from political parties, the Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa and a number of individual residents.


On behalf of C.L.A.R.O., Bob Houliston presented a 10 page document to the Mayor and members of the government. It covered a wide range of subjects and contained 18 specific proposals.
By way of introduction, Bob Houliston said C.L.A.R.O. welcomed this opportunity for residents of Orihuela Costa to make proposals for next year's budget. Orihuela Costa with over 30,000 registered residents, equal to Orihuela city, and some 50,000 rate paying property owners accounted for 60% of the revenues of the municipality but received less than 10% of the value of municipal services. There was a huge deficit of services and investments. The prospects for next year's budget were expected to show a €10 million increase in the income of the municipality compared to the present budget approved in 20012, mainly due to an expanding coastal population and a revival of construction in Orihuela Costa with the corresponding increase in municipal revenue from building taxes. Moreover, according to reports, there would be some €10 million available for investments, principally revenue from the sale of land in Orihuela Costa some years ago. There had been general political consensus that 40% of the proceeds from the sale of land would be devoted to investments in Orihuela Costa. The 2017 budget would therefore be an opportunity, Bob Houliston said, to begin to redress the historical deficit of services and investment in Orihuela Costa.
The C.L.A.R.O. proposals contained in the document presented to the Mayor covered 6 main areas.


Infrastructure, street maintenance, street cleaning and rubbish removal

C.L.A.R.O. urged the government to finance the so-called "via paralela" a long standing project to complete an internal road, parallel to the N332, extending from La Regia to Los Balcones. This project was urgently needed to reduce congestion on the N332 aggravated by the opening of La Zenia Boulevard Commercial Centre. Two pedestrian footbridges were urgently needed. One over the motorway between La Regia and Lomos de Cabo Roig where pedestrians are obliged to use an increasingly busy road bridge which exposes them to serious danger. A pedestrian footbridge was also needed in Alameda del Mar where pedestrians from highly populated urbanisations risk their lives crossing the N332 to go to the beach. Finally, the notorious problem of deficient street cleaning and rubbish removal had to be tackled with greatly increased financial and material resources. An Ecopark where green rubbish could be shredded and converted to saleable pellets for fuel or fertiliser, as in Pilar de la Horadada, could profitably help solve the problem of uncollected green rubbish which is a constant eyesore in Orihuela Costa.

Parks and Gardens

Lack of maintenance and investment in Orihuela Costa's so-called parks and gardens, often no more than wastelands, resulted in an appearance of environmental neglect and abandon. Only half of the so-called parks and gardens are covered by the existing maintenance contract. Since 2015 it is a legal obligation for local governments to maintain ALL public parks and gardens, irrespective of their administrative status. Sufficient budgetary finance is imperative to improve the state of Orihuela Costa's parks and gardens.

Emergency Services Centre

It is essential to complete the construction of the Emergency Services Centre started as long ago as 2007. There is no local police office open when the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall closes at 3 p.m. each working day, only police patrol cars. Given the size of the population, especially in summer and with the advent of millions of visitors each year to La Zenia Boulevard Commercial Centre, it is irresponsible and dangerous not to have a police station open 24 hours a day. Other important services like national police, Guardia Civil, ambulance and fire brigade would be housed in the Centre.

Health and Social Services

C.L.A.R.O. proposed opening a second Health Centre to deal with the health needs of an expanding population most of which live far away from the Cabo Roig-Campoamor Health Centre with poor communication links. A Day Care Centre with medical supervision providing activities for retired people is needed and could be easily be located in the Savia Care Home in Villamartin. From the annual budget of €2m, the Alameda de Mar Civic Centre should be endowed with facilities and resources for all residents comparable to those enjoyed in Orihuela city.

Culture and Fiestas

There are no facilities on Orihuela Costa for those who organise choirs, theatre groups, and a range of social activities or a Library for leisure and study which all towns in Spain equal to the size of Orihuela Costa enjoy - Orihuela city has two auditoriums and 3 libraries. A Cultural Centre should be financed and constructed without delay. The ideal site would be in the parking area of La Zenia Boulevard, part of which is municipally owned. It would be a folly and a waste to locate such an important facility away from the centre of Orihuela Costa as is being suggested. A share of the €1.5m annual budget to support Orihuela Costa groups such as AIDOC, to organise local fiestas is also needed.
C.L.A.R.O. supported a detailed proposal put forward at the hearing by a well known local resident which would be located in the La Zenia Boulevard parking area and would cover the varied cultural needs of residents.


The main proposal put forward was for active municipal support to Save Cala Mosca, the last green area on Orihuela Costa threatened with the construction of 1.500 new houses. Thanks to C.L.A.R.O. and the intervention of the European Parliament construction has been paralysed and the project is under review by the regional government.

Many other subjects were covered by the C.L.A.R.O. document presented at the budget hearing including freezing local taxes which have increased substantially in recent years, decentralisation of services and manpower to Orihuela Costa, improving the inadequate Sewage system, Education, Sports and Transport. The Mayor gave some indications of investments which might result soon from the reassignment of unused finance (remanentes).

The ball is now in the court of the Orihuela government to present a budget for 2017 which can meet the important needs put forward by C.L.A.RO. and others at the hearing and begin to redress the historical deficit of services and investments in Orihuela Costa.

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Orihuela Costa’s political party C.L.A.R.O. was founded 10 years ago on the principle that exercising the right to vote was a legitimate, democratic and essential way to defend our interests in relation to the local government of Orihuela.   We think the same principle applies in relation to the 23 June referendum on the United Kingdom’s continuing membership of the European Union.

The recent headline in an influential local newspaper “YOU COULD LOSE IT ALL” was directly addressed to the interests of British nationals living in Spain.   It was the title of an article describing a UK government report on the consequences of a British decision to leave the EU.   The report pointed out that the right to live and work in Spain, access to pensions, healthcare and public services, the right to start and run a business and several other rights, including the right to vote in local elections, that we take for granted and depend on are only guaranteed because of EU law.    The report states that UK citizens resident abroad, among them those who have retired to Spain, would not be able to assume that these rights will be guaranteed if the UK were to leave the EU.   At the very least, the report continues, any terms which the UK might seek for its own citizens in a negotiation to retain these rights would have to be offered to EU citizens wishing to come or stay in the UK.   

Such a “successor” negotiation would be a very complicated and no doubt lengthy process which would have to be carried out with several countries not only Spain.  Nor will these issues be of the highest importance and priority confronting the UK government in the event of a vote to leave the EU.

What would happen in the meantime to basic issues like continuing the receipt of pensions and access to healthcare?     These are issues of concern.   They would presumably be sorted out with time but uncertainty and suspension of existing rights could be very damaging to British citizens resident here.   Since in Orihuela Costa, British residents account for some 65% of the total population, what happens to the British in the event of a withdrawal from the EU would have consequences for the rest of the population. 

In this situation, C.L.A.R.O. URGES British nationals living in this area to VOTE IN THE REFERENDUM.  

The procedure for applying to register to vote for those who are not still on a voters register in the UK is fortunately relatively simple, especially for those who have a valid British passport and a National Insurance number.   The application can be made on-line using the official site www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.   The procedure takes only a few minutes.    The right to vote in the June referendum is limited to those who have left the UK less than 15 years ago.   However, it is not clear how the electoral authorities define “left the UK”.    Applicants are invited to give their own date of leaving the UK, without guidance as to what this means.   Does it depend on the date of obtaining residence (residencia) in Spain or becoming a fiscal resident in Spain?     In the light of this doubt, it would seem sensible to apply and leave it to the Electoral Authority to approve or reject your application.

The arrangements for voting by post are also being relaxed.   Normally, ballot papers are only sent to overseas voters 4 working days before the date of an election.   With the efficiency of the local post here this would make it almost impossible to receive and return the ballot papers before the election.   However, since the ballot paper on 23 June will involve expressing a choice between “leave” or “remain” the electoral authorities say they will be sending the ballot papers to those registered to vote by post up to a month before the date of the referendum.

As we can already see, the decision facing voters in the UK is causing wide and passionate arguments.   But what is and will be missing in the debate are some basic issues which affect those living and working here in Spain and hoping to continue to do so.   The best way for us to defend our interests is by taking part in the vote.   Remember, as in local elections, NO VOTE, NO VOICE and in the referendum, each vote will have the same weight and EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT.

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The politicians and political parties in Orihuela don't get it. They cannot appreciate what is important for Orihuela Costa and what is not. Two examples illustrate this regrettable fact.
On Sunday, 21 February neighbours called the fire brigade to extinguish a burning rubbish container in Calle Salzillo, not far from the La Zenia roundabout. They were concerned that the flames could spread to nearby houses. 40 minutes later a fire engine appeared. In the meantime, the fire was extinguished, not by the local police who arrived with an empty fire extinguisher.


This is a perfect example of the need for Orihuela Costa to have a proper Emergency Services Centre with ambulances, fire engines and local and national police.   In December last year,  C.L.A.R.O. organised a demonstration in front of the skeleton of the Emergency Services Centre whose foundation stone was laid 10 years ago demanding that the Centre should be completed.   This demonstration was called after several recent cases of ambulances arriving late, sometimes also after 40 minutes.   On occasions, those for whom they had been called subsequently died.    If flames from the burning container had spread to nearby houses what good would it have been for the fire engine to arrive 40 minutes later?  

People living in Orihuela Costa need the security of efficient emergency services located locally and not depending on Orihuela or Torrevieja.   Life and property are at stake.

Yet, in this week’s monthly plenary meeting of the Orihuela Town Council the Citizens Party (ex CLR) will present a motion on behalf of Orihuela Costa,  proposing a beach for dogs!

What kind of priority is this when Orihuela Costa lacks, not only emergency services but social services, clean streets, a cultural centre and proper parks and gardens?    Orihuela politicians and political parties will be insulting the intelligence of those living in Orihuela Costa, some 50,000 tax and rate paying citizens, if they think a beach for dogs is a priority deserving the attention of a full Council meeting . 

Apart from not being relevant in regard to Orihuela Costa’s real priorities, the proposal of a beach for dogs is not even serious in itself.     There are beaches in Spain and other countries where dogs are allowed but they are carefully selected beaches separate from those enjoying the sea, sand and sun.    Orihuela Costa’s beaches are in the main large, open beaches where pets cannot be isolated.   Most enjoy blue flag or other special status which specifically exclude, for reasons of hygiene, access for dogs and pets.   These awards are of importance in attracting tourists and maintaining the quality reputation of Orihuela Costa.   

There are smaller beaches and coves as in Cala Mosca but the priority for C.L.AR.O.,  in relation to  Cala Mosca, is to stop the building of 1,500 new houses on this last green area on Orihuela Costa with sea views.   Cala Mosca, should be saved from development and become a natural park for the enjoyment of residents and tourists.   The political parties in Orihuela should be supporting this cause and not dreaming of beaches for dogs.    Finally, how could we entrust the Town Council with the cleanliness of a beach for dogs when they cannot ensure the cleanliness of the streets of Orihuela Costa or Cala Mosca itself?

To draw attention to the lack of attention by the Town Council to the cleanliness of Cala Mosca, which is a popular area for walkers and joggers and the home of a protected species of plant, a number of C.L.A.R.O. volunteers recently spent several hours collecting litter and rubbish from the area.   Several days later, the neatly arranged piles of rubbish had still not been removed by the Orihuela Costa rubbish collection service.    Surprise?!




The politicians and political parties in Orihuela should devote their energies to resolving some of the real problems of Orihuela Costa and not pretending to be concerned by presenting irrelevant and inappropriate proposals.    In the meantime, residents can continue to exercise their pets on the extensive range of wastelands in Orihuela Costa, the so-called green areas which do not have the status of parks or gardens because they are abandoned and not maintained as they ought to be by the Town Council. 

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The shell of a partially completed Emergency Services Centre behind Consum supermarket, near the La Zenia Roundabout, has stood for several years now as a symbol of the neglect of the interests of Orihuela Costa by the local government of Orihuela and the regional and provincial governments. The Centre was inaugurated in 2010. Construction started but was soon stopped, allegedly because of the bankruptcy of the contractor. But the contract has not since been re-tendered by the Valencia regional government which will finance the project.


Orihuela Costa has a population at least as big as Orihuela city, and bigger than neighbouring Pilar de la Horadada. A population of registered residents of some 35,000 is more than sufficient to justify a locally-based, police station open 24 hours plus an efficient ambulance and fire brigade service. Orihuela Costa has none of these basic services. What is more, in the summer, the population increases to over 200,000. Plus the fact that for the last two years we have in the middle of Orihuela Costa La Zenia Boulevard Commercial Centre which attracts millions of visitors each year and thousands DAILY.


The need for these basic services is not academic. The local press is reporting several recent cases of delays of 40 minutes in the arrival of ambulances which have contributed to the deaths of local residents. We all need an efficient ambulance service. The fire brigade responsible for Orihuela Costa is located in Torrevieja and also subject to delays since the fire crews are not familiar with the ever growing, sprawling spread of Orihuela Costa. The local police do not have an office open 24 hours because the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall closes when the town hall officials finish their day at 3 p.m. The local police are located in the basement of the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall and they could easily place a police reception desk at the entry of the Town Hall when the local officials go home for the day. We could have a 24 hour police station immediately. Orihuela Town Hall could also fight with determination for the Valencia government to re-tender and complete the skeleton Emergency Services Centre. But they do not take us seriously.

For this reason C.L.A.R.O. AND OTHER INTERESTED ASSOCIATION will hold a peaceful, authorised PROTEST rally in front of the skeleton of the Emergency Services Centre building on SATURDAY, 12 DECMEBER, AT 11 A.M. to express our ANGER at not having locally-based efficient Police, Fire and Ambulance services. We invite all concerned who feel we should have these services without further delay to participate. Come and join us on your way to the Saturday market or the La Zenia Boulevard shopping centre. If we do not show our OUTRAGE at the inadequate emergency services we receive from the local and regional authorities, we can wait forever and suffer perhaps the deadly consequences.

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To make a donation to our party or to join as a CLARO member you can use the Paypal payment system or you can make a payment direct to CLARO using the follwing bank accounts:




Caja Rural Central

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03189 Spain


Tel: +34 965 321 646

Fax: +34 965 322 283





Caja Rural Central

ES65 3005 0073 9323 47089126

Centro Comercial Zenia Boulevard

Jade 2, Local R-16

03189 Spain

Tel: +34 965 321 646

Fax: +34 965 322 283


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Events 8th Nov 2007

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C.L.A.R.O. had an active autumn with two important annual events.

The first was our second ANNUAL BALL held on Saturday, 20 October, 2007 at the Asturias Restaurant, Playa Flamenca, at 7.30 p.m. C.L.A.R.O's annual dinner-dance. iI was open to all and was an occasion enjoyed by everyone, a fun, friendly evening with welcome drink, three course waiter- served dinner, drinks, music and tombola. Tickets cost Euros 19.50, which were available at the CLARO HELP AND INFORMATION office, in the garden of the Asturias restaurant Monday - Friday from 11 a.m. - l p.m. and at the bar of the Asturias restaurant. Come and join us and support Orihuela Costa's independent political party which is already making a difference to the quality of life in our area.

The second event was C.L.A.R.O'S second ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING which was held on Thursday, 8 November, 2007 at 11 a.m. in the Asturias Restaurant. The meeting was open to C.L.A.R.O. members who decided democratically on the office holders and policy direction of their party. All members were invited and those who wished to join and support an independent party dedicated to providing a better future for Orihuela Costa were able to register at the CLARO HELP AND INFORMATION office, in the garden of the Asturias Restaurant, Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to l p.m. New members were also able to join and participate in the Annual General Meeting by registering on the day of the meeting itself from 10 .30 a.m. until 11 a.m. Membership costs Euros 18 per year.



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El colorido y la magia de la navidad seguirán otro año más en Orihuela ciudad, donde se va a mantener ese ambiente festivo tan entrañable en estas fechas, por medio de numerosa iluminación navideña, miles de plantas para adornar calles y plazas, y una campaña navideña de apoyo al comercio también de Orihuela., con innumerables actos y eventos.
Desde el Partido C.L.A.R.O, queremos expresar nuestro malestar e indignación hacia el agravio del equipo de Gobierno del Psoe y Verdes de Orihuela, que vuelven a discriminar a los niños, familias , vecinos , turistas y comerciantes de Orihuela Costa en unos días tan señalados como son las Navidades.
Es humillante y un insulto para todos los residentes del litoral que el Ayuntamiento gaste 80.000€ en la espectacular cabalgata del Casco Urbano y comunique a las asociaciones de la Costa (que hay que recordar que son las que aportan figurantes para la cabalgata) , que por motivos DE FALTA DE PRESUPUESTO DE Orihuela Costa, NO LLEGUE PARA COMPRAR O ALQUILAR UNOS SENCILLOS TRAJES DE PASTORCILLOS PARA NUESTROS NIÑOS QUE QUIERAN PARTICIPAR EN LA CABALGATA, Y SOLO SE DISPONGAN DE 26 TUNICAS (¡¡DE UNA SOLA TALLA¡¡) PARA PADRES QUE QUIERAN TAMBIÉN PARTICIPAR., DANDOLE "COLORIDO" Y VISTOSIDAD.
Es también un escándalo que el Ayuntamiento vaya a darle "color" a Orihuela plantando 5.000 plantas de varios tipos para que realcen y den colorido a innumerables calles y plazas de Orihuela, en estas fechas., y que ni una de estas plantas ha sido cedida al litoral habiendose colocado menos de 150 como mejora de la contrata de Jardineria que presta el servicio en la Costa, en tres de las grandes rotondas de la n.332 y cerca del Ayuntamiento. (solo en las proximidades del Ayuntamiento de Orihuela y plaza aledaña podemos encontrar más plantas que en toda Orihuela Costa).
Los más de 500 comercios de la Costa (la mayoría del ramo de servicios y restauración y que se congregan en diferentes puntos localizados y emblemáticos de la Costa , como pueden ser Aguamarina, La Florida, Horizonte Villamartin ,Los Dolses, la Cuerda, punta prima etc...) tampoco van a disponer de unos días festivos tan "coloridos", y de ninguna promoción comercial especial para esta fechas, ya que el Ayuntamiento de Orihuela como ha dicho "ha echado el resto" en la campaña de apoyo al comercio oriolano, con el slogan "darle color a Orihuela ", con numerosas actividades para niños y mayores , como charangas, rondallas, roterball, toros mecanicos, en diferentes plazas y calles del centro, sin ninguna aportación al comercio de la Costa.
Otro gran desequilibrio entre las inversiones navideñas , de un lado y de otro, que genera también un malestar en los vecinos de la Costa que visitan el centro de Orihuela, se produce cuando se oberva los más de 135 arcos navideños que engalanan Orihuela, junto a numerosos rótulos de feliz navidad, y cascadas de luces sorprendentes en varios edificios del casco, todo ello vuelve a dar un "color" especialmente navideño a Orihuela si comparamos a los destartalados menos de 20 arcos navideños y algunos centenares de metros de bombillas, que se han colocado en la Costa, causando una paupérrima impresión, máxime cuando se consumen más de 230.000€ fuera de la iluminación navideña, para acicalar las decenas y decenas de fiestas patronales y celebraciones, que tienen lugar durante todo el año en todas las Pedanías y barrios de la Ciudad.
Y como colofón a todos estos despropósitos , es de una gran dejadez y negligencia descomunal, por parte de la concejalía de Turismo, concejalía de la Costa y Concejalía de Comercio, que en la Avda. puerta de entrada turística del Municipio, con una afluencia estimada por las grandes cadenas de la Zenia Bulevard en más de 1.000.000.- de visitantes a lo largo de este año, en más de 500 mts de avenida no se haya colocado tampoco ninguna planta ni adorno navideño, teniendo solo en la rotonda donde termina esa Avda. tan transitada, un pequeño adorno iluminado.
Todo este agravio es más patente, cuando desde el equipo de gobierno, que conoce la población actual de la costa , estimada en más de 33.000 empadronados, y más de 10.000 vecinos no empadronados pero que viven habitualmente, igual a la del casco y además que Orihuela Costa no tiene que estar discriminada en materia de presupuesto destinado en este caso a tener unas COLORIDAS NAVIDADES, PARECIDAS A ORIHUELA, ya que desde la costa se contribuye con un gran pellizco al presupuesto municipal.
Queremos también instar al Ayuntamiento de Orihuela a que el día de Navidad , se digne darle un poco de "COLOR" a la playa de la Zenia y paseo aledaño, despistando alguna de las miles de plantas que embellecen Orihuela, en un evento consolidado en la Costa, y que va a más, ya que ese día se congregan miles de residentes europeos de vienen de todas las urbanizaciones de la Costa así como numerosas localidades limítrofes, asistiendo cada cada año más españoles, para pasar un día de Navidad con sus familiares y amigos, ataviados la mayoría con sus trajes de Papa Noel, o motivos navideños, para almorzar, al son de algunas bandas de música solidarias, cantando villancicos de Navidad.
Orihuela costa debe merecer la pena en Navidad , pero con este Gobierno , se encuentra de pena en Navidad.

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Esta mañana hemos vuelto a constatar las grandes carencias en servicios que padecemos en Orihuela Costa. Ha estado a punto de ocurrir una desgracia en la playa de la Zenia, debido a las malas condiciones del mar, con una gran resaca, y la falta del servicio de socorristas en nuestras playas.
Dos personas mayores han estado a punto de ahogarse por este motivo. ante la mirada atónita de más de 200 bañistas que esos momentos disfrutaban de la playa. Se ha llamado inmediatamente a la policía y estos ante la imposibilidad de actuar por falta de medios ya que no es su cometido específico, rapidamente han avisado a dos o tres surfistas que se encontraban en la playa de al lado (cala cerrada) y estos jóvenes han procedido al rescate, evitando lo que hubiera sido una gran tragedia, recibiendo innumerables felicitaciones por su arriegada actuación, de un montón de usuarios que se arremolinaron alrrededor de los naufragos, y también felicitaciones de la policía por haberles ayudado en el rescate. y una mala imagen para las playas de Orihuela y su turismo en general.
Decenas de personas han mostrado su indignación al constatar que no había servicio de socorrismo y por consiguiente no estaba la BANDERA ROJA, con lo cual decían nos podía haber pasado a cualquiera de nosotros.
Desde C.L.A.R.O queremos denunciar que si queremos tener un turismo de calidad, tenemos que ofrecer unos servicios de calidad, e invertir en Orihuela Costa , cosa que vemos que el Gobierno del Psoe y Verdes no tienen mucha intención de cumplir y debido a las inmejorables condiciones de nuestras calas, tenemos una gran afluencia de usuarios residentes y turistas hasta bien entrado el mes de Noviembre, por lo que deberiamos instaurar y ampliar este servicio hasta casi final de Octubre como tiene otro municipio que si se preocupa por su turismo y la seguridad de sus playas, como es Torrevieja.
Gracias a C.l.a.r.o, cuando el Sr. Houliston ostentaba la Concejaía de la Costa, se hizo una propuesta a Alcaldía y se consiguíó que que a partir del verano 2012 se ampliaran en 15 dias el periodo de socorristas, pero creemos que no es suficiente, ya que nuestras playas estan muy concurridas hasta que entra realmente el frío en nuestra zona que suele ser en el mes de Noviembre, y por consiguiente Orihuela debería ampliar la prestación de este servicio unas semanas más.

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Ante las numerosas denuncias que nos han llegado de los vecinos de la Costa, al Partido CLARO de Orihuela Costa, ayer Domingo 14-julio pudimos ver con incredulidad eL estado lamentable en que ha sumido el gobierno del Psoe y los Verdes a la Costa de Orihuela en esta temporada estival.
Visitamos durante varias horas la mayoría de las Urb. de la Costa y pudimos observar en el mal estado que se encuentran urbanizaciones emblemáticas como La Zenia, cabo Roig , Villamartin y los alrededores del campo de golf, y sobre todo Campoamor que durante muchos años fue el ojito derecho de Orihuela y ayer pudimos comprobar más de 30 puntos de suciedad escombros y podas sin recoger desde hace semanas.
Cuando en Orihuela se está celebrando la semana grande de las fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, en un centro urbano limpio e impoluto, los más de 200.000 visitantes y residentes que abarrotarán la Costa este verano, están viendo con indignación , que contribuyendo con un montante elevado al presupuesto municipal, con los impuestos y tasas , el Ayuntamiento de Orihuela por medio de los Verdes y del Psoe, someten continuamente a la Costa a un agravio comparativo con las restantes zonas del Municipio.
No solamente podemos apreciar esto, en las políticas culturales del partido Socialista de Orihuela , cuando en Orihuela y pedanías, se ha invertido más de 1,000.000€ en cerca de 400 eventos de todo tipo, sino también en las políticas de Juventud, en las que el Psoe, se ha gastado cientos de miles de euros , con innumerables tipo de eventos de ocio para los Jóvenes, sin revertir un solo euro a la Costa. Sin entrar ya, en los abandonados parques y jardines de la Costa, suciedad , escombros en parcelas municipales, y privadas y barrancos., mal estado de nuestras calles, acerados con grandes desperfectos que llevan sin mantenimiento en urbanizaciones emblemáticas cerca de 40 años, graves deficiencias en saneamiento con la red de alcantarillado, con continuas fugas , carencias muy elevadas en materia de seguridad, con muy pocos efectivos de la policía local que no dan abasto a una población en aumento, carencias también en materia sanitaria con recortes en el Samu, y la necesidad de otro ambulatorio por el colapso debido al aumento considerable de usuarios y las grandes distancias de cerca de 7 kms. con muchas urbanizaciones de la Costa.
Y a todo esto hay que sumarle el expolio que pretende hacer la líder del Psoe de Orihuela, con sus proyectos megalómanos y por supuesto no prioritarios, ante la venta reiterada de parcelas en Orihuela Costa, parcelas que son del patrimonio del municipio de Orihuela , pero que desde C.L.A.RO pensamos, que deberían utilizarse para acometer las grandes carencias en infraestructuras dotacionales, que necesitará Orihuela Costa en un futuro debido a su aumento constante en población que ya rebasa al del casco de Orihuela.
Orihuela Costa no son solo sus playas con sus banderas azules, y sus magnificas playas. Los turistas que nos visitan y los residentes permanentes y sus familias que pasan sus vacaciones en Orihuela Costa, si queremos que vuelvan, tenemos que darles una imagen diferente, y esto solo se consigue con inversión en Orihuela Costa.
Si el gobierno bipartito del Psoe y los Verdes, no toma cartas en el asunto con prontitud y sigue ninguneando a esta parte del municipio , desde C.L.A.R.O seguiremos defendiendo con todos nuestros medios al alcance y recogeremos el sentimiento general de cientos de vecinos , mostrando la indignación de Orihuela Costa, contra el abandono, la desidia y dejadez del gobierno en minoría de los Verdes y socialistas .
Es un insulto y una desfachatez, que Orihuela ofrezca a través de la Costa esta imagen deplorable.

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